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Curriculum Vitae: Rick Reed

Date of Birth: 1st January 1948

Qualifications: BSc, C.Eng, MBCS, CITP.

Employment, Expertise, Experience

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Status and Job Title:

Status: Semi-retired (only interesting projects considered).

Director and consultant, Telecommunications Software Engineering (part time).

Particular expertise:

ITU-T Specification and Description Language (see Z.100 series), Telecommunications software and systems design for Service/Protocol specification (such as ISDN, B-ISDN, satellite, ATM, GSM, DECT), Software Methods, language design (such as the Specification and Description Language Z.100 and CHILL ITU-T Z.200) and formal description techniques. Often work is undertaken on the basis of part-time (concurrent) contracts to provide additional expertise and technology transfer or specific deliverables.

As well as the application of the ITU Specification and Description Language and related ITU languages, and consultancy in the use of these languages, was the Head of delegation for the UK at ITU-T in Study Group 17 2005-2008 (Security, languages and telecommunication software) and held a similar position since 1989. The technical work done within ITU-T has been to lead the studies and formulate the final versions of standards such as the Z.100 series standards. For ITU-T Study Group 17 2009-2012 "rapporteur" (leader) for Q.13/17 (leader) for Formal languages and telecommunication software (Z.10x-series, Z.11x-series, Z.12x-series, Z.15x-series, Z.400, Z.450, Z.600-series and X.900-series).


TSE Experience and Activities (1992-2013):

Specification methods and languages in ITU-T (using UML, MSC, ASN.1, Specification and Description Language); ETSI project teams (see below); Use of Specification and Description Language in satellite and trunked radio system specifications; Use of Specification and Description Language for IN products; Education in Specification and Description Language; Rapporteur for ACTS and RACE European framework programmes (on Intelligence in Services & Networks and Service Integration); Service engineering review within RACE; Audit of ACTS proposals; Audit of system Architecture design; Technical writing and editing (Specification and Description Language, RACE, SPECS); Technical co-ordination of the RACE SPECS project (>50 person-years/year).

ETSI specialist task force (STF) and project teams (PT): STF250 (UML profile for communicating systems), STF188 (use of SDL-2000 in ETS: standards work), STF121 (Harmonized integration of ASN.1 - TTCN - Specification and Description Language), STF110 (use of Specification and Description Language in ETS: rules for testing and validation), STF97 (illustrative use of Specification and Description Language), PT60 (Design methodology for protocols and services), PT65 (Validation of standards) and PT37 (Use of Specification and Description Language for testability).

Managerial experience:

Managed simultaneously up to 25 engineers directly, and a number of engineers under sub-contract externally. Technical co-ordination of the whole SPECS project (over 80 engineers involved at project peak, multi-national, multi-organization). Contract management including initial preparation of accounts. Prepared license agreements for sales and procurements.

Previous Employment (1966-1991)

Was previously with GPT Telecoms Systems Group in Coventry England (subsequently became Marconi, then absorbed by Ericsson) - Telecoms Systems Group. Started with company in 1966 as student apprentice. Final position Head of Future Architectures. Left when there was an opportunity to become independent.

Scope (final position):

The Future Architectures section acted as internal consultants for software engineering, involved ongoing systems jointly being specified between Siemens and GPT, provided support for Specification and Design Language in GPT, and contributed to ITU-T (then CCITT) Study Group X. The section tracked external developments and ideas, for example 1989-91 covered: Industrialization of Formal Techniques, Framework for Object Oriented Design, Policy and Strategy for improving system testing, the programming language for a new Siemens/GPT system, software components and reuse, and RACE SPECS. Prior to taking this post: technical manager for the Local Call Processing (call and switching control) within System X.

Career Summary:

Independent Consultant, Telecommunications Software Engineering, from 10/91.

GPT Coventry 10/66 - 10/91.

Career Experience

An overview of experience follows with the most recent items first but it is not a complete list because some work remains confidential also it is a characteristic of consultancy work that activities overlap:

Technical skills:

Specification and description using ITU Specification and Description Language and other techniques (acknowledged world expert); Telecommunications system design; Call Processing techniques; Software support system design; configuration control; CHILL language design; Compiler design; Linker design; Debugging techniques and tools; Principles of microprogram design. Various programming languages (CHILL, CORAL, Fortran, Assembler, Basic, Pascal, Ada, even Algol 60 and 68) and specification techniques (Specification and Description Language, UML, VDM, LOTOS, CCS, Z, CORE) have been used.


Contracts handled:

Selected Publications and Standards Work:


  1. Editor SDL Forum 2009, Design for Motes and Mobiles, Springer LNCS5719;
  2. Editor SDL Forum 2007, Design for Dependable Systems, Springer - LNCS4745;
  3. Editor SDL Forum 2005, Model Driven, Springer - LNCS3530;
  4. Editor SDL Forum 2003, System Design, Springer - LNCS2708;
  5. Editor SDL Forum 2001, Meeting UML, Springer - LNCS2078;
  6. Co-Author: Systems Engineering Using SDL-92, North-Holland '94;
  7. Editor and Co-author: "SPECS", North-Holland '93;
  8. Editor 5th SDL Forum, Evolving methods, North-Holland '91;
  9. Co-author: Telecommunications Systems Engineering Using SDL, North-Holland '89.

Selected Papers:


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